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Name: Witcher
Developer: Metropolis
Systems: PC
Due date: 1997, then 1998

Witcher is a cancelled PC game by Metropolis.
It was to be a third-person action adventure adaptation of the Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski.


You would play as Geralt of Rivia, a beast hunter with supernatural powers.
You are on a journey to answer the call of those who need your help slaying beasts.
Joining you are your lover Yennefer the sorcerer, and Jaskier the bard (later known in the series as Dandelion).


The game was to be a 3D action game with an open roam environment.
It was to be mainly action with a bit of RPG elements like levelling up.


The cumbersome 3D nature of the game made developing it sluggish.
This was Metropolis' first big title, the rest being ports or smaller games.


The game was abandoned after some staff members left.
The project fell apart and it would take too much time and money to finish it.
To stay afloat, the game was shelved to work on more marketable games.


Metropolis managed to craft just one playable chapter before abandoning it.
According to an ex-developer of the game the master discs are too scratched to run properly.


Gameplay demo.

Interview with game footage.


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