Universal Combat: Edge to Edge

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Name: Universal Combat: Edge to Edge
Developer: 3000AD
Systems: PC
Due date: late 2004

Universal Combat: Edge to Edge is a cancelled PC game by 3000AD.
It was to be a real time strategy game and a smaller compact version of the Universal Combat games.


This game had a single player campaign with fifteen missions.

Playable classes and units:

  • Eight marine classes, incl the new Tactical Force Marine
  • Two pilot classes
  • Ten new character model classes
  • Over twenty driveable vehicles and threat assets
  • Over ten controllable naval units (ships, subs, LCACs etc)
  • Over five flyable planetary gunships
  • Over twenty-five flyable fighters and shuttles

The multiplayer allowed for 64 players simultaneously duking it out.


Universal Combat: Edge to Edge was cancelled for unknown reasons.


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