Type X: Spiral Nightmare

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Name: Type X: Spiral Nightmare
Developer: Nex Entertainment
Systems: Dreamcast
Due date: Q4 2000

Type X: Spiral Nightmare aka Spiral Nightmare Type X is a cancelled Dreamcast game from Nex Entertainment.
It was to be a third-person action horror game.


The year is 2078. On a spaceship in Mars, aliens invade the vessel.
Three engineers - Johann Goodman, Jessica Streep, and Rod Stare - must fend them off.
You play as Johann Goodman. You must help out your crew and slay the aliens.


The game responds to how you engage with your crew and changes objectives accordingly.
Winning battles gets you DNA from your foes. You can use this DNA to craft different kinds of powerful ammunition.
Ammo types include explosions, lightning, freezer, and more.


The game was cancelled due to the Dreamcast being discontinued.


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