Thrill Kill

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Name: Thrill Kill
Developer: Paradox Development
Systems: PS1
Due date: late 1998

Thrill Kill was a cancelled PlayStation game by Paradox Development.
It was to be an ultra-violent arena fighting game.


Thrill Kill allowed for four players to fight each other on the screen at once.
Arenas would include a the sewers, a slaughterhouse, a mental asylum room, and a lavatory.
Playable characters ranged from a dominatrix, a dwarf, a mad scientist, a cannibal hillbilly, a postal worker, and more.

Instead of a health bar there is a Kill Bar that fills as you inflict damage.
Maxing out the Kill Bar grants decapitation powers. Finishing off the last opponent would perform a Mortal Kombat-esque finisher on them.
Each of the eleven playable characters had five Thrill Kill finishing moves.

Multiplayer had two player or four player via the Multitap accessory.


Thrill Kill began as Earth Monster, an ultra-violent Mesoamerican ballgame sports game.
This game gradually turned into S&M, short for Slaughter and Mutilation, around 1997
S&M turned into Thrill Kill around 1998.


In October of 1998 news broke that Electronic Arts had prevented the game's release.
The reasons EA gave for cancelling Thrill Kill ranged from 'it's too violent' to 'it's too much in general'.
Thrill Kill was complete and ready to be shipped but did not see release.

After the game's cancellation the sophisticated engine was put to use to create Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style in 1999.


Several prototypes are floating around on the internet for download.
At least one of them was leaked by Paradox Development to spite EA.,_1998_prototype),_1998_prototype),_1998_prototype)




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