The Rebel Planet: Chapter One: Orion

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Name: The Rebel Planet: Chapter One: Orion
Developer: Rebel Planet Creations
Systems: Xbox, PC
Due date: 2003-2010

The Rebel Planet: Chapter One: Orion is a cancelled Xbox and PC game by Rebel Planet Creations.
It was to be a third-person action adventure Christian game set before the Great Flood.


You play as Adam, who has been jaded by centuries of guilt and living in sin.
He comes across Orion, based on Enoch from the Bible.
Orion's quest for redemption may well lead Adam on his own quest for redemption and hope.


The game was going to be a big sandbox game loaded with NPCs, quests, and voice acting.
There would be seven big levels, such as the Valley of the Lifespring, which is the Garden of Eden.
As you complete quests you'll develop your physical, psychological, and spiritual attributes.


This was the first game of a series.
It is unknown how big the series is.


Rebel Planet Creations's website has not updated the status of the game since 2011.
It is not officially cancelled but development has presumed to be ceased.


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