The Evolvers

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Name: The Evolvers
Developer: Ultraprime
Systems: PC
Due date: late 2004, then 2005

The Evolvers is a cancelled PC game by Ultraprime.
It was to be a sci-fi MMO that ties in to a also-cancelled television show.


The Evolvers was to be an MMO that ties in a TV show called The Evolvers.
What happens in the game affects what happens in the show.
What happens in the show also affects what happens in the game.

The game and the show would be linked via 2-Screen iTV.
How this works is that the signals from the game affect the show.
This means that playing the game during an airing will directly affect that episode.

You will play as a Human which you can customize.
You cam even play as characters from the TV show.
There was also talk on playable aliens once those were introduced into the show.

Gameplay was to be PvP with melee and ship combat
Build up an empire and manage assets and resources.
Those who do well will have their character feature on the TV show.

The Evolvers was to be a persistent MMO that rewards growth in characters.
Every quarterly (November, February, May, and July) new content will be delivered.
This includes new planets, moons, spacecrafts, space stations, and more.


The Evolvers was cancelled in 2003 for likely lack of funding for such an ambitious project.


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