Take the Bullet

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Name: Take the Bullet
Developer: Red Lemon Studios
Systems: Dreamcast
Due date: Q4 1999, then, 2000, then 2001

Take the Bullet is a cancelled Dreamcast game from Red Lemon Studios.
It was Sega's answer to Goldeneye 007.


You would play as Jack Travis, bodyguard to a presidential candidate, Kincade.
Your job is to protect him from terrorist attacks from the Children of Gabrielle.
Take the Bullet is set in the late 1960's.


The gameplay was going to the sort where you can switch between first-person and third-person perspectives.
You are not alone; much like a Rainbow Six game you have a squad of fellow bodyguards to organise.
You would control the game with a light-gun.

There are 12 big levels. There are 18 different weapons.
You can play 4-player splitscreen. You can play 16 players online at once.
Take the Bullet was going to be a big game.


Take the Bullet was cancelled upon the Dreamcast's retirement in late 2001.


Take the Bullet v4.10 (GDI-Opt):

Take the bullet v5 (GDI-Opt):



Prototype in action.


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