Stunt Driver

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Name: Stunt Driver
Developer: Pixel Planet, then Climax Studios
Systems: PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, PC
Due date: late 2001

Stunt Driver is a cancelled PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, and PC game by Pixel Planet, then Climax Studios.
It was like to be a multiplayer-focused racing game.


Stunt Driver was to have a realistic physics engine.
There was also to be a track editor.
Multiplayer was a big aspect, with many racers competing to clear the Trackmania-style course first.


Pixel Planet was first working on this game in 1999.
In November 1999 Climax acquired Pixel Planet and this game, still in progress.

The game was announced in late 1999 for PS1 and Dreamcast.
In 2001 the game was shifted to the PS2 and PC.


The game was cancelled in 2001 for unknown reasons.


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