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Name: Spiral
Developer: Zono Incorporated
Systems: PS2, Dreamcast
Due date: 2001

Spiral is a cancelled PS2 and Dreamcast game by Zono Incorporated.
It was to be an MMO game involving space piracy.


You'll play a space captain to a space ship packed with space pirates.
Maintenance of the ship is as important as boarding and looting vessels.

Spiral's character creature was impressive for its time.
You could customize your avatar's height, weight, skin and hair colour, facial features, and more.

The aim of the game is to become the galaxy's feared most revered space pirate captain.
You do so by gathering wealth, which can be done by doing missions, bounties, or piracy.
Gaining levels gives no character boosts but ship boosts, to your equipment.


Spiral was cancelled in 2000 to focus on Metal Fatigue's post-launch content.