Soul Chaser Betty

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Name: Soul Chaser Betty
Developer: Valkyrie Studios
Systems: PC
Due date: 2001

Soul Chaser Betty is a cancelled PC game by Valkyrie Studios.
it was to be a 2D RPG with possible console ports.


You would play as Betty, a demon hunter.
Your quest was to slay the Weaver, an evil entity of darkness.


The game would play like a typical RPG.
The supernatural creatures you capture become your allies.
These allies can be customized and combined for more powerful beings.


Soul Chaser Betty was cancelled in early 2001 with the closure of Valkyrie Studios.
Brian Babenderede took his idea and created the Soul Chaser Betty comics series.


Salvage Hounds is another game concept dreamed up by Brian Babenderede at Valkyrie Studios.
All that was made was a single sketch.
Brian likewise turned this game concept into a graphic novel twenty years later.


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