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Name: Sahara
Developer: TKO Software
Systems: PS2, Xbox, PC
Due date: late 2004, then Q2 2005

Sahara is a cancelled PS2, Xbox, and PC game by TKO Software.
It was to be based on the 2005 film of the same name.


You would play as Dirk Pitt, the director of NUMA (US National Underwater and Marine Agency).
Your job is to take down dictator General Kazim and shut down his nuclear waste disposal.


It was to be a third-person game that takes advantage of the environment.
For instance, you could pick up almost all environmental models to use as weapons.

You could play as Dirk's sidekick Al Giordino.
He plays more stealthily and is handy with explosives.

There would have been multiple vehicles to commandeer, such as cars, boats, trains, and a sandboard.


Sahara was cancelled when TKO Software shut down game development in January 2005.
TKO went defunct later that August.


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