Ring Age

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Name: Ring Age
Developer: Takuyo
Systems: Dreamcast
Due date: Q1 2000, then 2001, then Q2 2002

Ring Age is a cancelled Dreamcast game by Takuyo.
It was to be an isometric RPG like Grandia.


The would take place during the Great War, which occurred a thousand years ago.
There are factions vying for land and power.

You would play as Shinisa, a sixteen year old lad.
You are a young warrior at age sixteen. Your parents in the senate got you approved.
Fight for your faction and win the war.


Ring Age was a dungeon crawling game.
A group of eight would trawl a dungeon looking for a particular item.
Other parties are also hunting for said item.

The combat would have been turn-based from an isometric perspective.
Intelligence gathering is also important, done through Visual Novel style conversations.

Multiplayer was in focus, with online players controlling parties searching for the quest item.


Ring Age started life as ALU GU LATE in 1999.
The name was changed to Ring Life in 2000.


Ring Age was likely cancelled due to the dwindling online player-base for the Dreamcast.


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