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Name: Rev Limit
Developer: SETA
Systems: N64, 64DD
Due date: Q1 1997, then Q3 1997, then Q2 1998

Rev Limit is a cancelled Nintendo 64 game by SETA.
It was to be Nintendo's answer to Ridge Racer.


You could upgrade your car and tune it for every track.
There are adjustable settings like oil temperature, turbo boost, fuel and water levels, and the rev counter.
There are also powerslides like in Mario Kart.

Being a rally game there are endurance races aplenty.
There was also car damage, which enough of would necessitate a pit stop. The tracks could be spiced up with weather conditions.

There was also to be a track creator.
You could share your creations and try other's tracks via the online portion of the N64DD.


Rev Limit originally started life on the Nintendo 64DD.
It was also planned for the Aleck 64, a SETA-made arcade cabinet.


Rev Limit was cancelled due to SETA having financial issues and cancelled lots of projects.
This game was on the chopping block and got cancelled in 1997


In September 2016 a prototype of the game, along with a dev N64 console, was sold.
RetroGameTV purchased the game and has shared footage of it online.
As of writing it has yet to be dumped.


Prototype footage.


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