Raw Pursuit

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Name: Raw Pursuit
Developer: Regal Productions
Systems: PS1, Saturn, 3DO, M2
Due date: 1996, then 1997, then 1998

Raw Pursuit is a cancelled PlayStation, Saturn, 3DO and M2 game by Regal Productions.
It's like Spy Hunter but on the water.


You would chase down terrorist leaders and take them down before they reach the open waters.

There would be 10 levels, ranging from rivers in Amazon to the canals of Venice.
You could pilot 16 different kinds of boats and hover bikes.
You would have all sorts of gadgets and weaponry to aid you.


The game was probably cancelled because it kept getting delayed.
The likely reason for such a prolonged development cycle was the inexperience.
The dev kits given to the team were not very good and were only partly translated.

The game went through two publishers: Virgin in 1996 and JVC by 1997.
Regal Productions went out of business in around 1997 or 1998.



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