Propeller Arena

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Name: Propeller Arena
Developer: Sega AM2
Systems: Dreamcast, GameCube
Due date: Q3 2001, then Summer 2001, then Q1 2002

Propeller Arena, aka Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship, is a cancelled Dreamcast and GameCube game from Sega AM2.
The game would have been a third-person flying dogfighting game.


In the year 2045, dogfights are held using WWII-era planes.


Propeller Arena would have been mainly multiplayer focused.
Six player multiplayer dogfights were highlighted as a feature.
There probably was to be a single-player campaign or arcade mode.

Power-ups are freely available to snag, aiding your combat.
This in turn adds a fantasy element to the fairly realistic plane fighter.

The game would of used the microphone peripheral.


The game began development as Propeller Head Online.


The major factor killing the game was the September 11 attacks.
With the Dreamcast on its way out, Sega planned to port it to the GameCube.
This would not come to fruition.



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