Private Wars

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Name: Private Wars
Developer: TS Group Entertainment
Systems: PC
Due date: 1999, then 2000

Private Wars is a cancelled PC game by TS Group Entertainment.
This game was split into two games, twice, and all got cancelled.


You play as a former secret service executive. He's retired but still longs for war.
He's started his own mercenary business.
Your job is to guide these mercs to victory.


There was to be around 30 mercs to play as.
Each has their own unique characteristics and background.
There was to be around 70 weapons to choose from.

You gain contracts from your performance in the field.
Do well and you'll receive good assignments. Do poorly and you'll get the not-s-good assignemnts. You can accept or refuse any contract.

Private Wars aimed at being ultra-realistic,
There was an Arcade mode to ease up on the realism, such as medkits instantly healing you.
There is even a turn-based mode for the more strategy-minded gamer.


In 1999 TS Group split the game into two: Private Wars and Private Wars: Countdown.
Private Wars: Countdown was to be more story-based and lighter-based and delve deeper into the Private Wars universe.
This concept was canned in 1999 in favour of solely working on Private Wars.

In around October 2000, TS Group again split the game in two again.
This time Private Wars: Silent Trigger started development.
It was to be a sniper version of the game.


Private Wars and Private Wars: Silent Trigger were cancelled around 2000 for unknown reasons.


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