Popcorn / Short Fuses

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Name: Popcorn / Short Fuses
Developer: Eighth Wonder
Systems: PS1
Due date: 1998

Popcorn, also known as Short Fuses, was a cancelled PlayStation game by Eighth Wonder.
It was to be a Bomberman-esque maze game.


Popcorn would play like a 3D Bomberman set in Pac-Man style mazes.
There would be various bombs you could use.
These range from proximity bombs to remote detonation to flying bombs to laser-guided bombs to more.

You could play as over ten characters though there is no discernible differences between them.
You start off with two, the kid and the girl. Unlockable characters include a knight, a kunoichi, and a robot with a goldfish bowl head.
Bosses would become playable characters when beaten.

There was to be six themed worlds with three levels apiece.
There would be three new enemies per world.


Popcorn was being developed by Eighth Wonder, a small group that splintered off from Rare.
This was likely because Rare was exclusively making games for Nintendo.
Sony funded this project themselves.


Eighth Wonder had dissolved in 1999 without releasing a single game.


Video footage of game in action.


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