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Name: Picassio
Developer: Promethean Designs
Systems: PS2, GameCube, Dreamcast, PC
Due date: mid-2000, then mid-2001, then Q4 2001

Picassio is a cancelled PS2, GameCube, Dreamcast, and PC game from Promethean Designs.
The game would combine stealth with art theft.


The plot is that you are Contract Cat Burglar thieves, hired by a shady art collector.
Your employer's rival, however, has also hired a master thief to steal art too.
You two will come to blows in the game's many scenic levels.


Picassio was to be a non-violent stealth game in which you steal valuable artwork.
You must navigate past guards and security devices to nab the goods.

Gameplay is similar to that of the Thief games.
You will use your gadgets to disarm security traps and alarms.
You also have night vision goggles, sound bombs, and hologram generators to see and fool guards.

You have tools to take care of guards.
Tool range from chloroform, sleeping darts, and the like to non-violently incapacitate the guards.

You could play as two character:

  • Geoff.
  • an unnamed woman

The level design was immaculate and breath taking.
Twelve familiar museums like the Tate and the Louvre were just some of the levels planned.
To avoid legal issues, the paintings were given humerous names.

There was also going to be a multiplayer mode.
Team deathmatch without the death.


Picassio was cancelled in late 2000 due to Promethean Designs closing its doors.
The company was in financial difficulties and couldn't pay its outstanding debenture.
The company soon dissolved in early 2001.

It has been speculated that the game was later resurrected as Stolen.




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