Metal Shell

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Name: Metal Shell
Developer: Tantalus
Systems: PS2, PSP, Xbox
Due date: November 2004, then 2005

Metal Shell is a cancelled PS2, PSP, and Xbox game by Tantalus.
It was to be an arena-based tank combat game.


The game was to feature 20 different tanks.
The arenas had destructible objects and environments, falling debris, and hidden weapons.
It was also to have multiplayer, both split-screen and online.


Metal Shell was announced in May 2003 after being four months in development.
It was shown off at E3 2003. There were no interested publishers.

When the PSP came about, the game was retooled for the handheld console.
The trailer was shown off at E3 2005. There were no interested publishers.


Metal Shell was cancelled in 2005 when no publishers were interested in it.


E3 2005 trailer.

PSP Gameplay footage.


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