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Welcome to Unreleased Games!

Welcome to The Unreleased Games Wiki!

Welcome to the Unreleased Games wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to cancelled and unpublished games.
This does not include alpha or beta builds of released games, cancelled ports, or live-service games that closed down.

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Developer: Ronin Enterainment
Publisher: [none]
When: 1999-2001

Legend of the Blade Masters was an ambitious game for the Dreamcast and PC. It would have played like Diablo meets Gauntlet, all in glorious 3D. It's ambition and scale was poorly timed as the Dreamcast ended support in 2001, so no publishers were keen.

Did You Know...

  • ...that Vectorman was cancelled due to the character looking too similar to Master Chief from Halo?
  • ...that The Evolvers was an MMO tied to a TV show with events in one affecting the other?
  • ...that Madden NFL '96 was cancelled by EA because it did not meet their standards?
  • ...that Experience went through two cancelled games over thirteen years before finally getting released as a very different game?
  • ...that Private Wars was split into two games twice and all three games were cancelled?
  • ...that a prototype of Rev Limit has been found but has yet to be dumped?