La Femme Nikita

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Name: La Femme Nikita
Developer: Infogrames
Systems: PS2, Xbox, N64, Dreamcast
Due date: Autumn 2001, then 2002

La Femme Nikita is a cancelled PS2, Xbox, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast game by Infogrames.
It was to be based on the American TV series and not the French film.


You would play as Nikita aka Josephine, on a quest to stop terrorists.
You can also also play as her partner, Michael Samuelle.
There was even to be a co-op mode, with two players as each operative.


There was to be six nonlinear missions to tackle.
These would range from action to stealth and hacking.
Various agents can help you out by providing tools and gadgets and intel.


The game started off as Mission: Impossible 2 for the N64.
By 2000 the N64 was being overshadowed by the Dreamcast and PS2.
Having lost the license to Mission Impossible, Infogrames changed to the television series La Femme Nikita.


The game was cancelled in around 2003 due to fiscal reasons.
Hasbro purchased the Atari license in 2001. Atari purchased Hasbro in 2003.
Infogrames Interactive became Atari Interactive. The game was cancelled to save money.


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