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Name: Knights
Developer: Digital Infinity, then Lost Boys Games
Systems: PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, GameCube, PC, and Game Boy Colour
Due date: mid-2000, then Q4 2001, then Q3 2002

Knights is a cancelled PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, GameCube, PC, and Game Boy Colour game from The Lost Boys Games.
It was to be a 3D action-platformer with a quirky sense of humour.


You would play Iron Nick, a decent dopey man, who must win a tournament hosted by the King of Whyrule.
The winner of the tournament will have the honour to go rid the world of the orc invaders.
Not only that but he will be the next ruler of the kingdom and bestowed the marriage to the beautiful Princess Layla.

Knights was to have a Monty Python type of humour.
Iron Nick is a dunce that is responsible for a lot of the world's problems, but he has the golden heart to succeed.
Many of the names are puns. Iron Nick = ironic; Sir Cumferance the fat; Sir Rebrum the smart; Sir Real the crazy.


Knights was to be a third-person action platformer.
The world of Knights is medieval but there are weapons, like a sniper rifle and magic.
Not only that but there are retro-style minigames that hark back to the arcade games of old.


Knights started off as a multiplayer game for the Dreamcast and PC.
It would be a team-based FPS, that involved riding vehicles to get around.

Lost Boys Games were not used to programming 3D games.
Knights became a multiplayer game due to experimentation. It was essentially a tech demo.
Knights was redesigned to become the 3D action-platformer that was originally envisioned.


The publisher, Project Two Interactive, went bankrupt and defunct in 2000.
Swing! Entertainment swung on by to pick up the game.
When the Dreamcast died in early 2001, Lost Boys Games switched over to the other consoles.

The Game Boy port was just a simple top-down dungeon crawler, like Gauntlet.
The game disappeared when Lost Boy Games did.

Knights was cancelled in 2003 when Lost Boy Games was sold to Media Republic.
Lost Boy Games became Guerrilla Games, known for the Killzone series.


Gameplay from the PS2 beta.


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