Killing Time

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Name: Killing Time
Developer: International Hobo
Systems: Dreamcast, PC
Due date: 2001

Killing Time is a cancelled Dreamcast and PC game by International Hobo.
It was to be a third-person 3D action game involving killing and time travel.


In the 23rd century, overpopulation has had the rich nation of Earth colonise outer space.
The two world superpowers are the Meridian Alliance and the World League.
A war has been waged that almost saw the destruction of the World League.

You play as an unnamed man who wakes up in the Arzachel Home for the Criminally Insane.
You are busted out of there with several inmates led by Major Anna.
After breaking out you learn that this asylum, and us, is located on the moon.

The goal of the game is to find and destroy Project Jericho.
Project Jericho is a Meridian Alliance doomsday weapon.
You fight your way there and accidentally set off the device, destroying the solar system. Oops.

The second half of the game has you time travel back to the past.
You must go back to the Arzachel asylum and kill yourself.
Even after doing this you must go to Jericho and destroy the doomsday device for real this time.


Movement in the game would be similar to Tomb Raider, with side-steps and rolling and tumbling.
You can communicate with others via the Sensory Interlink Network.
There are dedicated buttons for positive and negative responses .

There are two types of killing in this game: softkills and hardkills.
Since you are in outer space, you can't risk damaging the walls and creating a vacuum.
Hardkills wreck the environment much more than Softkills. Anything goes when back on Earth.

Technological stuff
Maser Softkill weapon, fires microwaves at enemies to make them explode
Nano-Reavers Hardkill weapon, fires nanotech that explodes enemies from the inside
Flux Cannon Hardkill weapon, fires gravitational eddies that implode
IFF weapon attachment that won't fire gun to at friendlies/allies
Techscope sees things across the electro-magnetic spectrum, even in pitch-black
Chameleon a disguise suit that matches to surrounding colour
Holosuit complete hides your existence, but is bulky and requires lots of power
Slipsuits a disguise siot that bends light but prone to malfunction
IMFs intelligent mines that you can program to act remotely or on its own
Vlads anti-personnel mine that restricts movement on those who step on it
Maser Grids used to create a killzone grid that microwaves anyone steps on said grid
HKs area-denial drones that react to nearby enemies
Trackers scent trackers to track enemies, can come with teeth or claws to kill them
Loaders big machines to help load and move stuff
Vacc Suit used for entering a vacuum and underwater

Your main gun is the Artemis.
It comes with a 10mm assault rifle and a 300THz pulse laser.
A lot of the above mentioned technology comes equipped, save for the disguise suits and mines.

The Artemis requires power, which can be recharged at a magnetic flux.
The better ambient magnetic flux, such as a power station or engine room, the faster recharge.
If out of power you can still power your pulse laser but at a reduced rate.


Killing Time was cancelled in around 2001 for being too ambitious.
It never left the conceptualization stage.

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