Jump Runner

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Name: Jump Runner
Developer: Simis
Systems: Dreamcast, PC
Due date: Q1 1999, then Q2 2000

Jump Runner was a cancelled Dreamcast and PC game by Simis, published by Glass Ghost.
It was to be an online space shooter that never reached orbit.


The plot is of the jump runner, Ethan Fall, who must smuggle a mysterious package.
Before he can learn where to deliver it, his contact is killed.
Six bounty hunters then hunt after Ethan, who are the bosses you'll face.


You must do missions to build up resources and prepare yourself for the bounty hunters.
Doing the plot missions slowly uncovers clues of the package.

The game was going to allow a persistent internet connection to perhaps have a shared universe between players.


The Dreamcast version got cancelled around 50% competition.
It possibly got cancelled for being too ambitious for the Dreamcast, whose popularity was waning.

The PC version was then handled by another developer and heavily altered, eventually released as Halcyon Sun.


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