Icebreaker II

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Name: Icebreaker II
Developer: Magnet Interactive
Systems: 3DO
Due date: 1996

Icebreaker II is a cancelled 3DO game by Magnet Interactive.
It was to be the sequel to the addictive original 3DO game.


Gameplay was basically more of the same of the original.
Control the white pyramid named Dudemeyer and shoot the other pyramids (nicknamed 'dudes').
Each pyramid you face will different weaknesses and attacks.

The aim of the game is simple progression arcade style for points.
Icebreaker II was to have 150 levels.


By 1996 the 3DO was dying and programmers were leaving the sinking ship.
Icebreaker II was one of the titles pulled under, left abandoned.
Andrew Looney had the dev kit, so he worked on Icebreaker II at home over the years.

Since 3DO had to encrypt the files to make the discs playable, a release seemed impossible.
In 2007 the 3DO encryption was cracked. OlderGames offered to publish it.
So after a decade the cancelled game saw the light.

OlderGames went defunct in 2008.
They sold their name and website to Super Fighter Team, who didn't acquire the games.



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