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Name: Hab-12
Developer: Ratloop
Systems: PC
Due date: 1999

Hab-12 is a cancelled PC game by Ratloop.
It was to be a 3D action adventure game.


You play as lowly employee Miray on the giant space ship, the Sentient, studying foreign life.
A disaster kills most of the crew and unleashes detained creatures.
Your goal is to escape the ship alive.


There was to be twelve levels, each a special habitat.
Each is filled with strange aliens. Lukily there are plenty of weapons around to fight then.
The final boss SPEC level-3 awaits you in thew twelve habitat.


The game was powered by the 3DGE engine from Twilight3D with in-game cutscenes.
It had real-time vector-based shadow casting and reflections.


Hab-12 was cancelled in 1998 when it failed to find a publisher.



A documentary made about the game.


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