Gorka Morka

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Name: Gorka Morka
Developer: Real Sports
Systems: Dreamcast, PC
Due date: Q4 2000, then Q1 2001, then mid-2001

Gorka Morka / GorkaMorka is a cancelled Dreamcast and PC game by Real Sports.
It was a cross between Warhammer 40k and Mario Kart.


The setting of the game is Warhammer 40k.
Mektown Ork 'Mobz' face off against each other in races.


Each vehicle comes with a mounted gun.
You can switch between the driver and the gunner at any time.

As you win races, you earn money. You use that money to upgrade your vehicle and orks.
Winning races also builds reputation, allowing you to recruit defeated rivals.

Multiplayer was also on the agenda.
This was one of those Dreamcast games heralded for being a reason to play online.
Multiplayer options included head-to-head or co-op, or eight teams of two.


Gorka Morka was cancelled due to the Dreamcast dying off in 2001.


The PC demo.



Informative video.


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