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Name: Golgotha
Developer: Crack dot Com
Systems: PC
Due date: 1998

Golgotha is a cancelled PC game by Crack dot Com.
It was to be a modern day action strategy game.


In the year 2084, World War III has begun.
You are the commander of the US army.
Disillusioned, you desert your post to find out the truth behind it all.


The game played like an arcade tank game meets a Real Time Strategy game.
You control a tank and give orders to NPC units you buy.
You can play in top-down or first-person.


In April 1997 a hacker infiltrated Crack dot Com's website and stole the source code.
The hacker also pinched some Quake source code in the process.
The hacker then bragged on the IRC room #quake and had the FBI alerted to him.

A demo was released for the magazine PC Gamer issue 41 (October 1997).


By late 1998 Crack dot Com ran out of money and went defunct, taking this game down with it.

On October 22nd, 1998, the source code and assets were released to public domain.


Demo from 1997.

Source code


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