Glover 2

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Name: Glover 2
Developer: Interactive Studios
Systems: PS1, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast
Due date: late 1999, then Q2 2000

Glover 2 was a cancelled PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast from Interactive Studios Ltd.
This was the sequel to the glove and his bouncy balls.


You control the eponymous Glover, a sentient hand.
Use balls to traverse gaps, hit switches, defeat enemies, and more.
A major draw of the game is collecting ingredients for magic spells.

The game was to have a multiplayer mode.


Glover 2 was quietly cancelled in October 1999 without announcing it..
The game was cancelled because Hasbro placed too many orders on a game they quickly deduced wouldn't sell.
Lacking faith in the game, Hasbro cancelled the project.


In 2010 a prototype was sold to someone at NESWorld and released online a year later.


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