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Name: Geist Force
Developer: Sega of America
Systems: Dreamcast
Due date: December 1999

Geist Force is a cancelled Dreamcast game by an internal Sega of America team.
The game was like Starfox.


Pilot your ship around, destroying other ships with a myriad of weapons.
The gameplay area was several hundred square miles big.
The campaign missions would branch off depending on what you do, who you kill and who you spare.


Geist Force was to be a Dreamcast launch title.
It was one of the first games announced for the Dreamcast and was the first developed by an American company.
The visual effects were done by Netter Digital, who had previously done the visual effects on Babylon 5.

In mid-1999 the game was retitled to simply Geist.
Optimism for the game's success was running thin by this time.


Development of Geist Force was slow and bothersome due to the dev team being new.
The game was reportedly over-budget and not very fun.
This spurned Sega to decide to close the studio after the game was released.

The dev team learned that management planned to close the studio.
They quit rather than be fired, thereby cancelling the game.


E3 1998 teaser.


Several builds of the prototype have been leaked and sold over the years.,_1999_prototype),_1999_prototype)
Original GD-I dump.


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