Fatman and Slim

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Name: Fatman and Slim
Developer: Attention to Detail
Systems: PS2, PC
Due date: 2003, then 2004

Fatman and Slim is a cancelled PS2 and PC game from Kaboom, part of Attention to Detail.
The game would have been a physics-based puzzle platformer.


You would play as Fat Man, the perfect representation of the average gamer.
The quest? To rescue your girlfriend Slim.

Slim has been trapped inside a totem, which can only be broken in metal form.
Getting to the totem is part of the challenge.
Collect the tokens to charge up the spirit, then guide her spirit to the exit.


Fat Man can take three forms to aid him: bouncy, fluffy, and metal.
Bouncy makes Fat Man bouncy. Fluffy reduces his weight. Metal increases his weight.
Puzzles would have you jump, turn to metal in mid air and then land in bouncy to jump high.

The environment would of been critical to solving puzzles.
Grass can be flattened to ensure bombs explode on contact with the ground.
Reflections off water can reveal the solution via showing underneath structures.


Attention to Detail went defunct in August of 2003.
Metro3D picked up the rights to Fatman and Slim upon AtD's demise.
They went defunct in 2004, taking with it this game's chance to be released.


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