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Name: Experience
Developer: The Whole Experience
Systems: PC, Dreamcast
Due date: Summer 2000, then 2001

Experience is a cancelled PC and Dreamcast game by The Whole Experience.
It was to be a first person shooter set on an alien planet.



The setting is Dagoth Moor, a virtual world created by All, a very advanced society.
Virtual wars are waged to remind the various races of the conflicts that nearly destroyed them all.
You would play as Ti Guat and must explore Dagoth Moor and learn how peace is achieved.


The game was to be big, a mix of Half Life mixed with Black and White.
It was a first-person shooter mixed with RPG elements.
You can entice the local animals with friendly interactions and ride them as mounts if they like you.

Bio Beast vicious animal that kills anything it encounters
Cultist evil occultists possessed by the Orb
Cyborg robots assembled by assorted technology
Quagmire the last intelligent species on Dagoth Moor
Elder Quagmire your mentor and trainer
Livestock a ridable steed
Marplot a faster ridable steed
Quagog poisonous creature that lives in swamps
Artefacts to find
Bug Lamp portable lamp
Canister Launcher an cannon that fires multiple energy ammunition
Energy Cuff a plasma gun that fires a beam of destruction
Macroterra equip this fire energy bursts, levels up five times
Nightlace light-emitting plants


Experience started as a GeForce 256 tech demo called Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens.
As the content was approved and ironed out, it was transferred to Experience.
Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens was released in 1998 on the Nvidia GeForce OEM bundle.

A Dreamcast version was in the works as well, with online multiplayer crossplay between PC and Dreamcast.
By 2001 the Dreamcast was all but dead, but the PC version persisted on.

With no publisher taking on the game and money drying up, The Whole Experience needed to act.
They worked on some licensed Xbox games while still working on Experience.

After some years of making console games, XWP got back to Experience, but changed it.
Now it was called Exod Intervention for the Xbox 360.


Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens tech demo.


Exod Intervention

Name: Exod Intervention
Developer: The Whole Experience
Systems: Xbox 360
Due date: Fall 2009, then 2010

Exod Intervention is a cancelled Xbox 360 game by The Whole Experience.
It was to be another first person shooter set on an alien planet.


You play as a Planetary Custodian, grown in a lab on an alien planet.
Your task: to cleanse the surface of the planet Dagoth for human habitation.
Be aware of the alien life who seeks to destroy your colonialism.


Around 2010 the plot changed yet again.
You are a creature and must the rid the planet of a red orb that has brainwashed the population.
This game was released as Xotic in 2011 on PC and Xbox 360.


  • 1998: Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens begins development
  • 1999: Isle of Morg tech demo released
  • 2001: Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens ceases development
  • 2001: the XWP is affected by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake, delaying development
  • 2001: XWP begins work on licensed games
  • 2007: Exod Intervention begins development
  • 2009: Exod Intervention announced
  • 2010: Exod Intervention is cancelled
  • 2010: game is retooled into Xotic
  • 2011: game finally released as Xotic
  • 2011: The Whole Experience goes defunct


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