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Name: Evenstar
Developer: Dreamstone Entertainment
Systems: Dreamcast, PC
Due date: 1999

Evenstar is a cancelled Dreamcast and PC game by Dreamstone Entertainment.
It was to be a third-person RPG.


Seed has the gift of immortality and that made him a threat to the king.
Fearing his life, Seed and his sister Jenna fled to Japan.
Now the siblings do what they can in their new home.


You can play a either Seed or Jenna and freely swap between them.
Each presumably has their own attacks and strengths and weaknesses.
It seemed as if the other character follows you around when playing as them.

There are three modes to play on:

  • Story - main campaign
  • Adventure - free roam
  • Battle - battle scenarios

An online multiplayer mode was considered.


The Dreamcast version was not a port of the PC version but it's own unique version.

This game was shown at E3 1998 in private to select publishers.

This game is also known as Shiken Takeshi: Evenstar.


The game disappeared when Dreamstone Entertainment ceased to be in 1999.
It is unknown how far into development the game got.


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