E.T. Search for Dragora

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Name: E.T. Search for Dragora
Developer: Zed Two
Systems: PS2, Xbox, and GameCube
Due date: Q1 2002, then November 2002, then March 2003

E.T. Search for Dragora is a cancelled PS2, Xbox, and GameCube game by Zed Two.
It was a puzzle puzzle made for the younger playerbase.


The plot involves a meteor that crashes onto ET's home planet.
This collision has killed all the Dragora plants, which give life to the planet.
Guide ET to six different planets, doing tasks to ear seeds to hopefully recreate the Dragora.


Each planet would have four levels each, for a total of twenty-four levels.
Mixing different seeds creates different plants; up to 64 plants can be pollinated.


The game was finished but went unreleased due to the publisher NewKidCo refusing to pay them.
Zed Two didn't have the money to take NewKidCo to court to get their money.
This led to the cancellation of the game and the dissolvement of Zed Two.

E.T. and the Cosmic Garden for the Game Boy Colour is basically this game.


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