Dragon Sword

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Name: Dragon Sword
Developer: Interactive Studios
Systems: N64
Due date: 1999, then 2000

Dragon Sword is a cancelled Nintendo 64 game from Interactive Studios.
The game was like a 3D Golden Axe.


The land of Avantaria has been taken over by the Darrc hordes.
The Dark God has trapped the Light God. You must save it from the Darrc Dragon.

There were four characters to play as.

Playable characters
Kailan the red-haired Chieftain of the Naradhan Isles, who wants freedom of his people and their land.
Cutter the blue-haired ex-Commander of the Darrc Forces, who seeks his title back.
Aisha the blonde-haired amazon, who wishes to destroy the evil forces destroying her jungle home.
Gouranga the orc who has been exiled by his evil-serving brethren.


You can choose to play between four different characters, each with their own stats.
Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, and attack styles.

There was to be 10 levels.
In the works was a two-player co-op mode, as well as deathmatch arena multiplayer.


Dragon Sword started off as Dragon Storm in 1996 before being renamed.


MGM Interactive, the publisher, cancelled the game for being likely unprofitable.
The game had already been reviewed by 64 Magazine just prior to its cancellation.

In early 2019 Piko Interactive acquired the rights to the game along with the source code.
The game could finally be released after all this time.




Info with gameplay footage.


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