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Name: D-Jump
Developer: Ubisoft
Systems: PS1, N64, Dreamcast
Due date: late 1998, then early 1999, then 2000

D-Jump is a cancelled PS1, N64, Dreamcast, and PC game by Ubisoft.
It was to be third-person action adventure game.


You would play as D., who suddenly finds himself transported to an ancient time.
You also turn into a wooden puppet. Hmm. Your job is to find out why.
Ultimately your quest is to explore this Egypt-like land and find a way back home.


There was to be 20 levels with around 60 NPCs to interact with.
Beffore entering conversation with the NPCs you can set your mood.
This affects the dialogue and perhaps the gameplay.

Combat would involve ranged attacks and unlockable magic powers.
The Gods of this world sometimes drop you off into minigames.
There was also to be a love mode where you track down your love interest via a heart beat.

D-Jump is a kid-friendly game with an emphasis on non-violence.
You can explode and recompose various segments of your body.
You can also manipulate your body, such as becoming thin or sliding like paper, to get by.


The game was cancelled for unknown reasons.
It was probably canned so Ubisoft can work on Rayman 2.


E3 1998 trailer


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