Castlevania: Resurrection

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Name: Castlevania: Resurrection
Developer: Konami
Systems: Dreamcast
Due date: November 1999, then Q1 2000, then Q2 2000, then 2001

Castlevania: Resurrection was a cancelled Dreamcast game by Konami.
It was a promising attempt to make a better 3D Castlevania game than the two N64 games.


The game was to be set in 1666. You could play as two characters:
Sonia Belmont (from Castlevania: Legends) and Victor Belmont.

Victor Belmont did not accept the Belmont legacy, which led to them disappearing in the 1800's.
Victor then finds himself teleported back in time to 1666.

Dracula is back, having been resurrected by the contemptible Dark Countess of Castlevania.
Victor must now help Sonia rid the world of Dracula.


Castlevania: Resurrection was to be more of an action game than a slow exploration game.
There was to be five levels, each with 5-10 subsections.
The game aimed to be a 3D version of the classic games that came before.

Both Victor and Sonia have a whip weapon, with up to six additional weapons to be found.
These weapons are the traditional Castlevania weapons, like the boomerang, axe, dagger, and holy water.
Each of these sub-weapons would have special attacks.


The trouble started when the USA side of Konami got started with development.
Without their Japanese counterparts present to keep them in check, the project was not off to a good start.

Konami was weary of their US counterpart's efforts.
Due to troublesome communication, the game kept getting delayed.
Eventually they had enough.


Castlevania Resurrection was cancelled in March 2000.
It was cancelled on the day of the announcement of the PlayStation 2.
That was a nail in the coffin for the Dreamcast and the final nail for this game.


Intro video. It's basically the E3 video but with a techno track.


In 2021 a prototype was released!
Castlevania: Resurrection (Nov 5, 1999 prototype)

Extraction of the prototype's textures and animations.


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