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Name: Allegiance
Developer: Team17
Systems: PS1, Jaguar, Saturn, 3DO, PC
Due date: November 1995, then March 1996

Allegiance is a cancelled PS1, Jaguar, Saturn, 3DO, and PC game from Team17.
It was to be a FPS strategy type of game.


You would play as a secret agent, Kay Brogan.
Your job is to infiltrate and stop a terrorist-run drug cartel.


There would be many missions to complete.
There was to be 15-20 levels set across six locations.
The six locations: hotel, big airport, military base, mansion, small airport, and train depot.

Allegiance stands out from the FPS for its puzzles.
You have to collect clues strewn through the levels.
Your best chance of finding them to be stealthy, but sometimes that isn't enough...

There are many types of objectives to complete.
These range from escort missions, assassinations, laying explosives, and search and destroy.

Another element of the game that makes it stand out is its FMV scenes.
These scenes act as mission briefings but are reportedly pretty cringey.
But it wasn't to be.


Allegiance was cancelled due to Team17 being involved with Worms 2.
Martyn Brown later remarked on his blog: "The idea was sound, it just suffered from a total disregard of planning, design and implementation."


Trailer from 1995

Gameplay clip


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