Alien Breed Conflict

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Name: Alien Breed: Conflict
Developer: Team17
Systems: Dreamcast, PC
Due date: 1999, then 2000

Alien Breed: Conflict is a cancelled PC and Dreamcast game by Team17.
It was to be a FPS and RTS and the first 3D entry in the Alien Breed series.


Aliens have conquered Earth.
You lead a band of resistance fighters.


You control a squadron of various units, each with their own stats and abilities.
Unlike previous Alien Breed games, stealth is important here.
There would be a mixture of firarms and psychic abilities at play.

Multiplayer would have inncluded co-op missions, deathmatch, and 1v1 matches, over internet or LAN.


Development began in 1999 as a sequel to Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds.
It was the first Alien Breen game made for the PC by Team17 (the rest are ports by other companies).
The project was PC-focused with a Dreamcast port, with a possible PS2 port being considered.


Alien Breed: Conflict was cancelled in 2000 due to the size of the project.


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