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Name: Agartha
Developer: No Cliché
Systems: Dreamcast
Due date: Q2 2001

Agartha is a cancelled Dreamcast game by No Cliché, Sega's French studio.
It was to be like a Silent Hill game but in the cold winter snow.


Agartha is set in the harsh Romanian winter in 1929. A fierce landslide has destroy a village.
You, Kirk, are with with your half-sister nurse, and the military to find survivors.
The landslide has uncovered the entrance to Agartha, the legendary city at the Earth's core.


Gameplay is like Silent Hill or Alone in the Dark.
The moral choices you must make will shape the game.
Do you save the innocent people or help the demonic creatures?

It's not just the innocents; you can kill the main characters.
The dev team has made sure that the game is still completable if you do that.

The VMU also gets a nifty little minigame of its own.

Another draw of the game is the multiplayer component.
Co-op campaign and deathmatches were planned.


Agartha was scheduled for a Q2 2001 release.
Sega discontinued the Dreamcast in Q1 2001.
The game was thus cancelled.

Since the game was made exclusively for the Dreamcast, the planned PC port was never developed.


A few builds of the prototype demo were dumped by an ASSEMbler forum member.,_2001_prototype),_2001_prototype),_2001_prototype)


Promo video of an early version.

Gameplay from the aforementioned prototype demo.


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