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Name: ¼ / One/Fourth
Developer: FromSoftware
Systems: PS2, Dreamcast
Due date: Winter 2000

1/4 aka One/Fourth was a cancelled action RPG from FromSoftware.
It was to be a comedic mix of Gauntlet and Dynasty Warriors.


You would play as a fairy who gives the orders to three other characters.
That's why the game is called One/Fourth, because you are a fourth of a quartet.
Your quest is to defeat a lord of darkness.


The game would have involved fighting many enemies on screen at once.
You can choose between four characters from a selection of eight.


After a year since the Tokyo Game Show 2000, 1/4 was never heard of again.
On 2nd of May, 2001, 1/4 was put on indefinite hold.
FromSoftware moved its resources to other games and scrubbed their website clean of references to 1/4.


Gameplay from Tokyo Game Show 2000


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